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After Cataract Surgery

Every person’s experience with cataract surgery is unique, but below are a few things most people experience following cataract surgery. Always ask your
Eye Care Specialist for more details and follow their post-operative instructions.

  • Immediately after cataract surgery You may feel groggy from the local anesthesia - this is normal and will wear off fairly quickly.
  • Your Eye Specialist may place antibiotic drops in the eye to prevent infection and administer anti-infl ammatory drops to minimize swelling.
  • You may receive prescription medications and instructions on how to care for the eye. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled before you return home. Your Eye Specialist may provide sunglasses for the drive.
  • Once home, you should relax and let your caregiver fill and deliver prescriptions. You will not beallowed to drive until approved by your eye specialist.
  • Avoid touching and rubbing the eye or removing the protective covering.5 The eye may feel sensitive or scratchy for a few days.5 You may notice a glare or halos, a circular fl are or hazy ring of light that may appear around a headlight or other lighted object. This will go away over time.
  • Resume normal daily activities - except for driving - within the fi rst 24 hours, unless told otherwise. Avoid lifting anything in excess of 15 pounds as it can increase pressure in the eye.
  • Wear the protective eye shield while sleeping, and try to avoid sleeping on the side of the body that was operated on.

Follow up visits are must!

Never miss on the follow-up visits to the doctor who will assess the recovery of your eye. This is also necessary from the perspective of diagnosing any complications that could be developing due to infections or otherwise.

Do not scratch

Itching sensations are normal to develop after the surgery in the cataract eye. However, this is normal and it is very necessary to completely avoid the scratching of the eye in response to itching. This may disrupt the recovery process in the eye.

Take antibiotics as prescribed

Take all the prescribed antibiotics after the surgery. This is necessary to avoid the development of infections in the eye.